Cell 0.01


9x12 cm


Cell 0.02


9x12 cm


Cell 0.03


9x12 cm


„Within Cells Interlinked“

The topic of the interconnectedness between natural elements that are in the relation of correlation and causality has been present in my work, primarily as an examination of their duality. With this series of photographs however, I reject dualism for a state unity- where there is no longer any conflict because everything is complementary and comes together to form one new nature without conflicting sides. We are all linked in an eternal bond, which extends through all the things that have, and are still happening now, as well as all things that will, ahead of us. Not in war, but coming to harmony when coming together as complementary elements to make up the whole life cycle we know today.

At a point of unity, dualities cease to exist. Dual forces become complementary and work together for an unknown outcome that is exactly what nature wants it to be.

Every factor in the system of life is INTERLINKED.

INTERLINKED, we all and all together make complexity of Being,

INTERLINKED, inseparable from environment our lives are intertwined with one another.

Like the cells within, each with its own distinct role.

The inspiration for the work came from the “Within Cells Interlinked” Blade Runner 2049 test.

I can't tell you how

I knew - but I did know that I had crossed

The border. Everything I loved was lost

But no aorta could report regret.

A sun of rubber was convulsed and set;

And blood-black nothingness began to spin

A system of cells interlinked within

Cells interlinked within cells interlinked

Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct

Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

Pale Fire, Vladimir Nabokov.